Sunday, 12 January 2014

and other stories...

So today me and the girls decided to stop acting like we're OAP's and start making more of our time in London. A few hours later we found ourselves on the famous Carnaby Street, situated next to Soho so you still get that quirky feel but with more of a high street vibe... and personally, i love it! Since i've been in London i've come across many new stores that i've fallen in love with, but my number one store must go to todays find 'and other stories..'. It reminds me of a sophisticated yet an edgy Zara and its certainly not a jumble sale. And speaking of sales i managed to find a few bargains which i'm dying to wear and try out, and yes i will keep you posted! But what i love most about this place is that it has its own huge cosmetics range, that seems lush and affordable. The staff there were very helpful and friendly yet not too pushy compared to my visit in mac earlier on in the day. Plus i just really love that once you've purchased your items they pop them in cute drawstring bags and gift wrap your garments without having to ask, yes it made me feel very special. Haha. 

So yes i bought a lovely set of purple lace underwear that was originally priced for £35 which i guess isn't to bad for pretty underwear. But for a student budget i'm very pleased to announce i managed to buy it for £17.50!! Even though i'm not the biggest lover of lip gloss i came across a shade called 'cocoa my coconut' and yeah the name did draw me in, but the colour is really great for those natural looking lips instead of the concealer lip look and for the price of £6 i just couldn't resist! oops!!! Also i've been meaning to find a new eyebrow powder, as I'm not a huge fan of the "draw on" look, but with powder you still get the same filled in style that hasn't been painted on. I haven't tried their makeup range before but from other bloggers recommendations i'm sure i wont be let down. So since i was buying new powder i thought "why not buy a new brush to go with it too" ??? so yeah another buy was ticked of the list for £7 it's still far cheaper than any other makeup brand.(yes i do talk to myself sometimes).I think its nice to spend a little more money on base makeup products, so for my bronzer i went to mac as i can always rely on them not discontinuing their products. And i managed to get 15% off with my lovely makeup expert Luci.

So today was very productive and i'm more than happy with all my purchases, also i can fully recommend 'and other stories...' and hopefully will be back as soon as pay day reaches my bank again! What do you think of their makeup and my blog so far guys ?

Me in and other stories... cosmetics, feeling very pleased with my purchases...wearing my famous red coat from Zara.

Muchos love Liv xxxx

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